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The Smart Cookie Freezer Container

The Smart Cookie™ will perfectly cut, portion and store your homemade cookie dough so it's ready to bake at a moment's notice! Anytime you crave fresh baked cookies, simply remove The Smart Cookie from your freezer and transfer cookies from the tray directly onto your baking sheet. How clever is that? So compact and easy to use, The Smart Cookie allows you to remove as few or as many cookies as you would like, saving the rest for another time. Bake a dozen for guests, a few for the kids or just one for your coffee break - it's up to you. Not only will you get several fresh baked servings of cookies from one batch of cookie dough, it's also a great way to practice portion control. Enjoy some fresh baked cookies today!


  • The Smart Cookie is 10" X 7" X 0.75"
  • Each of the 13 cells makes cookie dough portions that are 2.25" W X 0.5" H
  • Patented Shape+Store® technology

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The Smart Cookie™ is proudly made in Canada!